My Cervical Cancer Symptoms Story

My Cervical Cancer Symptoms story began just as many women’s stories do.  I went to the doctor for my yearly PAP smear to check for HPV and Cervical Cancer and I felt that I was doing everything possible to keep myself healthy.  Cervical Cancer Symptoms and HPV were not even on my radar for things that could come into my life.  I had heard of Cervical Cancer Symptoms and HPV, but was not very knowledgeable about Cervical Cancer Symptoms and HPV when I went to the doctor on that cold November day.  When I received an abnormal result on my PAP smear, I was still not very worried, as I just assumed that I had HPV and not Cervical Cancer.  I had friends who had received abnormal results, only to find that it was not anything to worry about, as it was incidences of HPV that their doctor monitored more closely.  I should have been worried, however, as these results were about to turn my life upside down and about the increase my exposure to Cervical Cancer Symptoms and HPV knowledge.

When I returned to the doctor in December, we discussed HPV and the Cervical Cancer Symptoms that I had been having.  The unusual discharge, abnormal bleeding, and pelvic pain were HPV and Cervical Cancer Symptoms that I had chalked up to other, minor problems, but they were actually a sign that much more was going on in my body with HPV and Cervical Cancer Symptoms.  After a biopsy, the doctor confirmed that I had Cervical Cancer.  To make it even scarier, it had a long name – stage 3b small cell adenocarcinoma.  This meant that the cancer was in my pelvis cavity as well, which meant that more involved Cervical Cancer treatment would be needed to help rid my body of Cervical Cancer and Cervical Cancer Symptoms.

Radiation and chemotherapy were the Cervical Cancer treatments that my oncologist recommended for me.  This would help to shrink and kill the cancer to allow them to remove the rest via surgery in the future if needed.  All of these treatments for my Cervical Cancer Symptoms were swirling around in my head, but I really didn’t get it.  It felt as if I was looking at someone else going through this trial.  I still had my smile on and just kept telling everyone that I was going to be okay.  I just didn’t get how serious it was, which may have been a good thing as far as attitude.

I felt as bad as a person can possibly feel during the cycles of radiation and chemotherapy.  My doctor kept reminding me how important it was that I get up and walk around and I remember thinking, “Don’t you realize how bad I feel?”  I think that the exercise helped me through the process even when I was wondering how anyone could feel as weak as I did and still be alive.  My family gathered around me, helping me with the kids, with the house, and with my personal care, so that I could live a life as normal as possible.  That was very important to me.

I have been Cervical Cancer Symptoms and Cervical Cancer free for almost three years now.  That is quite amazing to me, as I sit and read other women’s stories who had the same type of Cervical Cancer Symptoms as me, simply because many of them do not make it.  That is why I am so excited about the new developments in HPV prevention, Cervical Cancer Symptoms, and Cervical Cancer prevention, including the HPV vaccine.  This HPV vaccine could be just the thing that can keep my daughter from going through the same experience with HPV and Cervical Cancer Symptoms, and that would be worth every painful and miserable day that I went through with HPV, Cervical Cancer Symptoms, and Cervical Cancer treatment.

3 thoughts on “My Cervical Cancer Symptoms Story

  1. My daughter is also cancer free for three years. Diagnosed at Stage III Cervical Cancer, she too went through chemotheraphy and external and internal radiation. God bless you and your life, your willingness to survive and your drive to write about it. I just posted a brief blog about her on the website I listed. God bless you again for writing about it and helping other young women.

  2. Some cancer symptoms in men are specific. They involve certain body parts and may point directly to the possibility of cancer. Other symptoms, though, are vague. For instance, pain that affects many body parts could have many explanations. It may or may not be a sign of cancer. But you can’t rule cancer out without seeing a doctor.;,^”

    Kind regards

  3. When exposed to HPV, a woman’s immune system typically prevents the virus from doing harm. In a small group of women, however, the virus survives for years, contributing to the process that causes some cells on the surface of the cervix to become cancer cells.

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